Kentucky Ambassadors Soccer Club

About Us
Kentucky Ambassadors Soccer Club was founded in 2018. The mission of the club is to provide opportunities for all children the chance to play soccer. We currently have select teams that work primarily with refugee children from East Africa.
Our Story

Our story begins with a group of kids that just wanted to play soccer and a group of volunteers that wanted to make that happen.

The foundation of the Kentucky Ambassadors Soccer Club was laid in February of 2018 when a group of 5th Graders decided they wanted to play soccer. The only problem was: they had no way to get to a soccer field. Instead of finding a way to get the kids to soccer, we decided to take soccer to the kids! WIth a group of around 8 kids that first cold February afternoon word spread fast and before we knew it, there were 40-50 kids showing up every Monday after school to play soccer! The program continues to grow and we are excited about the future of the Kentucky Ambassador Soccer Club!

Why Ambassadors?

The KASC offers a recreational soccer program unlike any in this area open to all children and offers "select" or travel soccer opportunities for young people with a desire to further their game. We believe we are ALL Ambassadors. We hope you will join us!