Kentucky Ambassadors Soccer Club

About Us
Kentucky Ambassadors Soccer Club was founded in 2018. The mission of the club is to provide opportunities for all children the chance to play soccer. As a club, we work primarily with refugee children from East Africa. Our Refugee/International Program has nearly 100 participants from countries such as Congo, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Somalia, and Ethiopia.
Our Story


Our story begins with a group of kids that just wanted to play soccer and a teacher who wanted to make that happen.

The foundation of the Kentucky Ambassadors Soccer Club was laid in February of 2018 when a group of 5th Graders decided they wanted to play soccer. The only problem was: they had no way to get to a soccer field. Their teacher came up with a creative idea. Instead of finding a way to get the kids to soccer, let's take soccer to the kids! WIth a group of around 8 kids that first cold February afternoon word spread fast through the houses and apartments on North Lee Drive. Before we knew it, there were 40-50 kids showing up every Monday after school to play soccer! The program continued to grow and a club started to form.

Most of the kids were recent immigrants to the United States, many coming from refugee camps in Tanzania. Led by Coach Zach Salchli and a team of volunteers, the Kentucky Ambassadors Soccer Club was formed. Now with over 100 kids from countries all over the world, the KASC provides opportunities for players of all ages and ability levels to play soccer free of cost. With the help of a team of talented coaches and generous sponsors, the KASC provides top level soccer training to kids who normally wouldn't get to play the game at the club level. The KASC offers a recreational soccer program open to all children for free in the North Lee Drive area of Bowling Green and offers "select" or travel soccer opportunities for young people with a desire to further their game.

Why Ambassadors?

The name Ambassadors has two special meanings to us.

For one, our athletes are Ambassadors for their home countries. With athletes from Tanzania, Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, Somalia, and other East African nations, we represent one of the most diverse clubs in the state of Kentucky.

Secondly, we believe, like the Apostle Paul, that all of us are called to be Ambassadors for Christ. Our mission field is the soccer field. Our refugee program partners with other local organizations in promoting the Gospel of Jesus Christ through soccer instruction and competition. Our select/travel program participants receive weekly bible study and devotionals led by strong community role models, and all of our athletes engage in yearly missions projects with most specifically focused on serving the refugee population in Bowling Green.

We believe we are ALL Ambassadors. We hope you will join us!